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Neets Touch Panel™ is a stunning touch panel designed to work seamlessly with the Neets Control – TanGo™. You can choose between a white or a black version of the Touch Panel. The aim of Neets is to unify all user interactions with AV equipment and room functions into one easy-to-use control. This lead to the creations of the Neets Touch Panel and Neets Control – TanGo. This bundle is the perfect solution for rooms with the need for a dedicated and LAN wired control solution. The table-mount comes as an accessory.

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Ons team - Bram van Alphen
Bram van Alphen
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Drie redenen om te kiezen voor Neets besturing

  • De manier om audiovisueel gebruiksgemak te creëren.
  • Line-up van knoppenpaneel tot touchscreenbediening.
  • 3 jaar garantie

Neets Portfolio

Neets Control – Echo

Neets Control Echo

Reliable and intuitive control system

  • 8-Button AV control
  • Freely configurable
  • Available in 2 colors

Neets MiniConnect

Neets MiniConnect

Connections at your fingertips

  • Remove cable clutter from your huddle room
  • Flexible solution – choose your own connections
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Minimalistic design that fits every interior

Neets SoundBar SB -1

Neets Soundbar

Bring your messages to life

  • Professional quality audio
  • Voice enhancing technology
  • Compatible with every Neets control system
  • Available in 5 vibrant colors
  • Can be placed on a stand or wall mounted

Neets EasyConnect

Neets Easyconnect

Power and connections at your fingertips

  • Remove cable clutter from your meeting room
  • Easy access to 2 AC power outlets
  • 5 types of cable connectors
  • DK, EU or universal AC power outlet
  • Closable lid with cable pass-through