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Richard Bredewold
Richard Bredewold
Specialist videoconferentie

Videoconferentie met iedereen
… vanuit de vergaderruimte

Turn any meeting room or huddle space into a video conferencing suite with the GT Mini 3330. Its powerful features bring together team members, customers and partners from all over the world to collaborate and discuss as easily as if they were in the same room.

StarLeaf App – Videobellen met elk device

Videobellen met iedereen
… waar u maar wilt

StarLeaf web meetings can be joined from any location, including meeting rooms, boardrooms and huddle spaces. Those not in the office can join using the StarLeaf app on their desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or simply from within a browser.

StarLeaf Portfolio

StarLeaf  Huddle

Group Telepresence
– C10 USB camera
– Cable dock
– Pronto Cable USB

StarLeaf  GT Mini

Group Telepresence
– HD-videoconferencing
– StarLeaf Touch 2045
– C10 USB camera

StarLeaf  GT for integrators

Group Telepresence
– VHD PTZ Camera Full HD
– Touch Panel 2045
– Pronto Cable

StarLeaf  App

Group Telepresence
– Compatibel met Mac, Windows, Android en IOS
– Overzichtelijk menu